Take control of business fuel expenses

Fuel Card 1

Fleet Fuel Card

The card for maximum savings.

Save up to X¢/gal at nearly 123456 BRANDX locations—with no setup, annual or card fees. This is a little longer and wraps to another line.

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Universal Fuel Card

The card for savings and flexibility.

Accepted at 95% of U.S. gas stations—and save up to X¢/gal at any BRANDX.

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Get more from your business fueling


Know where the money goes

  • See who spends what, where and when
  • Capture detailed info for every purchase
  • Use simple online and mobile tools

Rein in employee spending

  • Limit use by amount, time/day, product, and more
  • Set spending limits by employee or card
  • Driver PINs to help curb misuse

Let us do the paperwork

  • Automatic fuel accounting and expense tracking
  • No need to collect employee fuel receipts
  • Easy one-click reporting

Test Bottom Text

Compare BRANDX fleet fuel cards

Choose the right card for your business.

What our customers are saying

  • “We wouldn’t change anything about the Fleet Card Program. It’s user-friendly and locations are convenient.”

    -Fleet Customer since 2019, Farmington, New Mexico

  • “We are happy with the Fleet Card Program because of convenience, location, and price.”

    -Fleet Customer since 2018, Bloomington, Minnesota

Easy mobile account access

Laptop and mobil phone showing online WEX tools.

Access your account wherever you go.

  • Look up driver PINs
  • View and filter transactions
  • Make or schedule payments
  • Know your available credit
  • Cancel lost or stolen cards
  • Spot potential misuse


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