WEX Select Fuel Card

Track your gas and keep on task.

No need for receipts. Get real-time tracking for peace of mind and control

  • Accepted at 95% of U.S. gas stations*

  • More security and control than credit cards or cash

  • Automatic fuel expense tracking

  • U.S.-based customer support ready to help 24/7

  • U.S.-based customer support ready to help 24/7

  • U.S.-based customer support ready to help 24/7


Tell us about yourself

You'll need to enter the business owner’s and any beneficial owner's legal name, residential address, date of birth and social security number.


Tell us about your business

Enter your business legal name and structure, address, Tax/Employer ID (EIN), the date you established your business, your industry, and your gross annual revenue.


Tell us about your business

Let us know approximately how much you currently spend on fuel and services and how many business vehicles you manage.

Charge gas on your fuel card

No need to keep track of your receipts or have cash on hand anymore!

Pay business expenses on the go

Choose to securely pay your subs, vendors or suppliers by ACH, digital or physical checks.

Get paid faster online
Finished a job?

Send a professional invoice and get paid faster for free by ACH or make it easy and choose to accept cards.

Pay with WEX Select

Send payments with a name and email

Keep everyone happy with fast payments

  • Pay by ACH for free
  • Choose to pay by digital or paper check
  • Subs and vendors do not need to join WEX Select to benefit from fast payments
  • Tack your payments and details

Get paid with WEX Select

Send invoices from your phone

Easily create professional invoices and get paid for your work.

  • Get paid by ACH for free
  • Give the option of accepting card payments
  • Create professional and custom invoices
  • Conveniently send invoices by email or text
  • Set reminders to reducedelays

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